Saturday, August 2, 2014

One Sheep, Two Sheep, Red Sheep, Blue Sheep

End of July, Andrew and I figured it was time to take a very needed holiday. Considering that in all of his 18 years he's never left the country, we started off small... New Zealand. Flying into Christchurch at 1am, we began the holiday with a nap on the airport floor, until 8 rolled around and we caught a cab to the car rental place where we had booked a campervan. Our intentions were ambiguous but obtainable, travel the whole of the south island in a week... it's pretty small. 

Day 1: Christchurch to Mt. Cook 
Day 2: Mt. Cook to Queenstown
Day 3 and 4: Stay in Queenstown (Bungy jumping, rafting, skiing/snowboarding, shopping, a lot of eating)
Day 5: Queenstown to Nelson... this took a turn for the worse as we never made it past Hamner Springs due to... technical difficulties of sorts (aka Andrew's driving skills)
Day 6: Stayed at Hamner Springs upon realising that there was an amazing hot spring/pool thingy there!
Day 7: Drove back to Christchurch, dropped off the car and explored the city

Overall, I found Queenstown to be the most amazing portion of the trip. It was beyond stunning. And I've become slightly hooked on ginger slices.